The Perfect Strapless Bra? A Breakout Product That Celeb Stylists Swear By


In an age where seemingly infinite options of bras and new bra companies are coming out of the woodwork, it’s astounding that the perfect barely-there-bra hasn’t been invented yet. Until now.

Meet The Covert Couture
Lifting Adhesive Bra


The Covert Couture Bra inventors set out to truly create the perfect bra for when you can’t wear a bra at all.

The Covert Couture lifting bra is an invisible stick-on bra that lifts & shapes your breasts to enjoy the perfect cleavage. Made with latex-free & skin-loving adhesive, it gives your breasts a sculpted appearance under backless tops, plunging necklines, off-shoulder dresses, strapless tops, and even swimsuits!

That's not all. Covert Couture Bra is 100% reusable, just give it a gentle wash, and you can wear it over and over without any slips, guaranteed! Available in both Nude & Black colors.

Aren’t all “sticky” bras the same?

Sticky bras have been gaining popularity over the last decade because they are the only option to remain invisible under any outfit. They are a versatile option that there just wasn’t before and have become many stylists’ secret weapons for their clients. However, if you’ve ever worn a sticky bra, you’ll know that not all sticky bras are created equal. Many adhesive bras out on the market are low quality and aren’t formulated with longevity in mind. If you’re… stuck… with one of these sticky bras that have gradually lost their stickiness throughout the day or are no longer sticky after just a few uses, you’re one of many.

The Covert Couture manufacturers considered this before bringing their products to market. They go so far as to GUARANTEE “stickiness” for over a year so long as you adhere to their instructions of use. If for some reason, your bra is defective and loses steam over time, they will replace it free of charge.


“By and large, the biggest struggle that I face with my clients is what kind of undergarments they should choose.” Says Marjorie Smith, Philadelphia based Stylist. “A bra needs to do a good job… it needs to stay in place, it needs to lift, it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be invisible… that’s a tall order! Lately I’ve been recommending the Covert Couture Bra to everyone. It’s my secret weapon.”

How does it work?

Peel - Stick - Lift!

In Just A Few Steps:

  • Apply Covert Couture Bra on clean, dry skin. No lotion or perfume, please
  • Gently peel away the plastic protective layer. Feel free to dispose of this
  • Lean forward and firmly stick the cup section to the center of your breast.
  • Take hold of the tabs attached to the cup & pull upwards to lift the breast. Press the tabs down when you have reached the desired level of support.
  • To remove, simply peel off starting at the tabs, being extra gentle around the nipple area. Slow & steady helps here!
  • After removal, gently clean the adhesive with warm water if needed. Otherwise, simply replace the plastic protection to the adhesive side of the cup and store it safely until your next use!

Casey’s Story


My dress for my wedding was strapless, and I hate strapless bras. I was really struggling with the choice of what to wear. My chief concerns were that I would be uncomfortable or that my bra would slip while dancing, and I didn’t feel comfortable going totally braless. An influencer I follow posted a story about Covert Couture, so I decided to try it for my wedding - a real gamble, I know! I wore them all day, though, and all night at my wedding in Italy (in 75-degree heat!), and I didn’t think about them until I took them off at the end of the day. Not only did they stay in place, they also provided just the little lift I needed, and they DIDN'T MOVE. I’m so happy I’ve found these; they were an absolute game changer for me, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Buzz has continued to build about the Covert Couture bra, and rightfully so! These bras have taken everyone from brides to influencers to red carpet stylists by storm.

UPDATE: The Covert Couture bra is now finally back in stock after selling out in two days! Here's where to try it yourself - and even better, they're offering a 30 day risk-free trial, so you can experience the magic for yourself!


How do you clean and reuse the Covert Couture Bra?

After removal, gently clean the adhesive with warm water if needed. Otherwise, simply replace the plastic protection to the adhesive side of the cup and store it safely until your next use! They recommend sticking it to the outside of a small Ziploc bag.

What is Covert Couture Bra made of?

They use a seamless polyester cloth on the exterior and high-quality skin-safe silicone on the interior.

How many times can you reuse the Covert Couture Bra?

This depends on how well you care for the bra cups in between uses. Make sure to gently clean the inner silicone adhesive circle and stick them safely to the outside of a Ziploc bag so they can remain dirt and dust free. When reusing, ensure your skin is free from lotion or perfume, and you will extend the life of the Covert Couture Bra for many moons!